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Spirit Tawfiq leads antiracism workshops and presentations in partnership with corporations, government agencies, nonprofits, community groups, and schools. The concepts and methods are grounded in research and more than two decades of professional experience. The workshops create opportunities for participants to explore issues related to their diverse and interconnected histories and identities as well as frameworks and methods for social change. All workshops are rooted in explorations that involve listening, empathy, honesty, and courage.


These conversations include opportunities to share stories that give us windows into each other’s lives. We uproot our collective stories and histories so that people can see themselves reflected in our cultural narratives, as well as at the forefront of past and present movements. In a society that has kept us separate historically, telling and sharing stories that have been buried for generations is revolutionary.

The workshops are designed specifically for each group or organization; and are intended to empower communities to a) examine how they can work together to enact antiracism practices within their organization; and b) celebrate each of their own identities in relation to others and learn how they can contribute to a better way forward. The workshops include tangible examples of best antiracism practices and an abundance of practical resources.

Courageous Conversations about Race + Racism

Educators, Corporations, Nonprofits, Community Groups.

2.5 hours

Little Rock Nine:
Young People Sparking Change!

4th-12th grades

1-2 hours

All Hands In
Uprooting Racism
Intensive Workshop


Educators, Corporations, Nonprofits, Community Groups


2 days (12 hours total)

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