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Courageous Conversations
about Race + Racism

Do you want to learn more about race + racism and become a part of positive change but don't know where to begin? If so, you're in the right place!

During this 2.5-hour interactive workshop, participants will engage in courageous conversations to learn and explore a) historical perspectives of “race” and racism as well as the everyday manifestations of structural racism; b) its impact on individuals, the organization, and society; c) what it means to bridge the past to the present; and d) how to use tools and resources to promote antiracism policies and practices. The workshop includes icebreakers at the beginning as well as time for questions and reflections throughout and at the end. 


Workshop Goals and Outcomes

  1. To explore connections between history, identity, and social change;

  2. To build an informed historical perspective of “race” and racism;

  3. To understand the history and root causes of racial violence, trauma, and segregation and its connection to present injustice and inequality;

  4. To learn the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement and American heroes in order to create a bridge to the present and foster a better future;

  5. To catalyze courageous conversations about identity, “race,” and racism that will continue for years to come;

  6. To learn tools and resources for enacting anti-racism policies and practices that support equity, inclusion, and justice in our immediate and wider communities; and

  7. To inspire participants to envision themselves and act as agents of change in their organizations, communities, and beyond.


Workshop Features

  • Virtual (via Zoom) or in person;

  • Collaborative;

  • Intergenerational;

  • Interactive;

  • Knowledge-based (i.e. intended to build knowledge and capabilities); and

  • Action-oriented.

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