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Welcome to Roots of the Spirit

Uprooting racism through storytelling, education & the arts

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I founded Roots of the Spirit as my commitment to help uproot racism through storytelling, education, and the arts.

We catalyze change through a dynamic speakers bureau, impactful antiracism workshops, transformational wellness retreats, and the Roots of the Spirit podcast. Each deliberate initiative sparks productive conversations about identity, "race," and racism, creating meaningful change in our communities.

Spirit Tawfiq


When my mother was just a teenager, she made history as federal troops escorted her and eight other Black students into Little Rock Central High to desegregate the school, as a vicious white mob raged outside and tried to block their entrance. The group became known as the "Little Rock Nine."

When the children finally made it inside the school doors, verbal and physical terrorism persisted throughout the year. They forged through unspeakable abuse resisting at every turn, maintaining nonviolence as a survival mechanism. Their incredible courage changed the face of education for the nation.


As the civil rights movement grew, my mother met my father, a white university student, and together they organized nonviolent protests and fought for change.  When you’re the Black biracial daughter of the civil rights movement… there's much more to the story! 

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Check out the
Roots of the Spirit podcast

Honest Conversations about Identity, Race and Racism.

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Now booking the following speakers 

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Spirit Tawfiq

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Hisham Tawfiq


Spirit Tawfiq leads antiracism workshops  that create opportunities for participants to learn about issues related to their diverse and interconnected histories and identities. All workshops are rooted in explorations that involve listening, empathy, honesty, and courage.
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"Spirit led a phenomenal anti-racism and "journey to activism" workshop for students in the first year of our scholar activist program. She had a very disarming and compassionate approach to getting the group to speak about sensitive topics. She was so skillful at connecting historical events to aspects of her family's history and experiences as an activist. This really empowered students to understand how the personal can be a powerful reservoir and humanizing impetus for our political praxis. Everyone left more empowered and prepared to think critically about the role that racism and other forms of oppression have played in our lives and what we can each do to challenge these legacies." 

Dr. Sheriden M. Booker

Director, The Beyond Identity Program, Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership, City College of New York

Spirit's perspective as the daughter of a key figure of a major event in the history of system racial discrimination and violence is very compelling- a gift to world. Although I've studied this history in various classes over the years, hearing about it from her vantage point was uniquely powerful.

Accel People: A Westwood and Wilshire Company staff member (4-hour Antiracism workshop participant)

Each evening after the workshop, I talked with colleagues outside of the [this organization] and so many people would like to be engaged in these conversations and be able to attend a similar workshop. I know it's emotionally draining work and I thank all of you for doing this and for being so open...Thank you, again, for all that you did in the weeks, months, and days before and during the workshop. It was so professional and real and full of grace throughout. Thank you. 

National Park Service staff member (2-day Antiracism intensive workshop participant)

Your story and the way you tell it is so captivating.  You really were a perfect selection for our Black History Month celebration.  We agree that Black history is American history and we are committed to ensuring that the conversation continues after today.


Our members said: “Goosebumps all the way!” “So powerful.” “You’re a great storyteller.” “Very inspiring.” “Great presentation.” “Moved to tears.” And countless others just saying, “thank you so much!” We cannot capture all the praises.


Millipore Sigma Black Leadership Network (Keynote address - Black History Month)

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